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Commercial Disputes

Commercial Dispute Services
  • Calculation of economic damages in breach of contract, lost profits, business interruption, and business tort claims including trademark infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets

  • Asset tracing and other forensic accounting services in cases involving claims of fraud, conversion, misappropriation, embezzlement, and alter-ego including transactions in multi-tiered entities and through shell corporations


  • Forensic analysis of general ledger transactions to identify inappropriate accounting and the impact of such accounting on a company's financial statements

  • Analysis of solvency and reasonably equivalent value received in exchange for a business or minority business interests under the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (UVTA) and related state statutes


  • Business valuation in disputed shareholder buy-outs, shareholder oppression, and matters alleging partial loss or complete loss of business value

  • Analysis of employee data in collective and class actions including claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and similar state statutes

  • Analysis of transactional data in class actions, medical billing, royalty and contract disputes

  • Analysis of alleged economic damages in a defamation and breach of contract case in the television and social media industry


  • Consultant to the Liquidating Trustee, FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitration 

  • Forensic Accountant, AAA Panel Arbitration - Philadelphia, PA

  • Financial Neutral and Independent Arbitrator, contract and valuation disputes


Panel Presentations and Articles

Leanne has written articles and participated on panels including:

  • “How to Speak the Language of Business Financials,” DRI Corporate Counsel Roundtable, October 2021

  • “Cyber-Security & Risk Management” and “Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Understanding the Risks and Rewards,” Georgia Association of Women CPAs, October 2018

  • “A "Bit"about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain," Cobb County Bar, September 2018

  • “Damages and the Use of Experts in a Contract Case,” State Bar of Georgia ICLE, November 2017

  • “Valuing Lost Profits for Litigation Purposes,” Financial Poise Webinars, October 2017

  • “Is it Fraud? Transactions under the U.V.T.A. Microscope” presented at the Fraud & Forensic Accounting Education Conference, Jekyll Island, Georgia in May 2016, for the Small Firm Section of the Atlanta Bar Association, Atlanta, Georgia in July 2016, and at sponsored CLE Program “What’s Next for Your Litigation Practice,” Atlanta, Georgia, November 2017

  • “Disputed Business Valuation” presented to the American Woman’s Society of CPAs, Atlanta, Georgia in August 2017

  • “Are You Ready to Rumble? "The Sweet Science” of Litigation for New Practitioners,” published on LinkedIn in November 2016

  • “Toeing the Line” Litigation Considerations for Pass-Through Entities” presented to the American Woman’s Society of CPAs, Atlanta, Georgia, 2016


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